Monday, January 31, 2011

Djokovic wins as Murray can't relinquish Ghosts of the past

Did Murray look up at the big screen during his final last night and see the ghostly image of Fred Perry the last Male Brit to win a Grand Slam title sitting next to him holding the trophy?I think not but many of Murray's ghosts are in his head.Unless Murray can control his on court ranting,raving and winging then he wont ever take the next step.As a coach what would you be telling a Junior you work with if they acted like Murray on the court.Until Murray and whoever his next coach is addresses this problem then I am afraid he is not mature enough to ever win a Slam!Below the many emotions of Murray.
Congratulation's Novak you were the better player in all area's yesterday, you showed the maturity and skills that have been lacking in big matches.Above are the Stats from the match.As I said yesterday Serve was going to be a telling factor ,Murray won only 31% of second serves compared to 60% of Djokovic, simply not good enough for Murray or really anyone at this level!.Murray really has to improve his serving percentage and as you can see on Speed ,Djokovic had the faster average on Second Serve, Murray speed wise had the edge on Novak in the first serve department but only served at 53% of first serve's in for the match ,compared to Djokovic at 67%.Points won was of course a resounding 106 to 78 Djokovic.

I have been reading this morning on experts saying Murray must step up the attack, well and good to say that but you have to understand major changes in Murray's technique cannot be made now!If you notice Murray comes around the ball more on the forehand side than Say Djokovic , which we all know will be great for cross court, he struggles to flatten it out for the down the line winner and his preference is to hit back across court.So most of the tour players know this and are ready for this play!Djokovic's forehand technique allows him to go either way and step around and hit that off forehand into the backhand side ..something that Murray does not do often.The other point I wish to make is that Murray's game is slices and change of pace which generally works against most players except the very best like Djoker, Federer and Nadal so for him to step up he would have to give away in certain matches his slice backhand and try to be more aggressive off the two handed backhand side.That can be done, simply the slice is not a winning shot and players can gain control of the rally if not perfect as it lacks power!For someone from the UK with Wimbledon a goal Murray does not come forward enough to net nor has the natural instinct to finish some points at the net.His volley and especially his overhead is just not good enough.I think this is mindset from his day's as a junior in Spain he learnt court craft and how to work the ball around but the coaches failed to see he did not have the hitting power of some of the other guys and did not work on the net game and how and when to approach! Yesterday when at times he needed to put more pressure on Novak he did not get the power and Djokovic lobbed the ball perfectly to set Murray back on the baseline again.

Mentally yesterday Djokovic had the edge big time , as I said before the constant winging and berating his box , plus the anxiety about his string tension could not possibly help his focus! He said he would be prepared better this time and would give a 110% but honestly this did not happen , it looked like he had not played a Grand Slam final before, he has indeed played 3 now and is yet to win a set in any of these!

Physically Djoker was great he looked fresh his footwork was outstanding whilst Murray did look he had the weight of a nation along with the ghost of Fred Perry on his back.Even his box after the first set and half was resolved to losing, at one stage Mother Judy has to urge some of the box to stand to clap and support a rare winner.
What was Judy thinking yesterday while watching Andy. I know that in Juniors many parents would not stand for the "rot" Andy goes on with on court and I have seen them walk on to the court when their child behaves likes this take their racquet's and called game over. I guess Andy is a little to old for this ...or is he?

And so the 2011 Men's Champion is crowned , Novak did indeed Dance his way to the star's yesterday!
I end with some relevant Djokovic quotes from his press conference after the match.

Q. How did you fix your serve?
NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Well, hitting thousands and thousands of balls on the practice. It’s all about hard work and patience, I guess, dedication to the hard work which in the end pays off. That’s the situation. There is no secrets.
Of course, I was aware of what I do wrong. But once it gets into your head, it’s really hard to get it out of your habit. Everybody was, you know, criticizing me, Why did I change my serve? I didn’t change it intentionally. It just came like that.
I worked hard the last 10 months, and now it’s back.
Q. Can you talk about some of those secrets that you discovered about yourself that helped you get back on track?
NOVAK DJOKOVIC: As I said, you know, something switched in my head. It’s been a big mental struggle, because I was trying to separate my, of course, professional life from my more private life.
But, you know, if somebody’s emotional we’re all humans. It’s not possible. If something isn’t working off court, then it’s going to reflect on the court. I managed to solve that problems.
This is all part of life. Of course, everybody’s facing difficult situations in their lives. To overcome the crisis and to stand up and try to still dedicate yourself to the sport was a big success for me as a person.
NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Yeah, it’s not working, you know. I’ve tried. But with all due respect to Todd Martin, which I think he was a great player, he’s a great coach, but it just didn’t work. You know, it’s really hard to compensate and have two coaches traveling with you. I tried.
Of course, I tried a lot of things. And if you don’t try, you don’t know. Now I know that it’s not working.
Of course, Marian Vajda will always be a part of my team. He’s just more than a coach. My physio, Miljan Amanovic, my fitness coach, all of these guys, put incredible effort into my development, into my improvement on the court, off the court. I owe them a lot definitely. It’s them who deserve a lot of credit, as well.

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