Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 4 Aussie Open

Another late post but with so much happening at the tennis I guess I am lucky to post at all.Will give you a player alert, I think Canada has a good young male player on the rise ...his name Milos Raonic, this 20 year old came through qualifying and then yesterday beat Michael Llodra of France in straight sets. He has a huge serve yesterday he clocked one at 230ks and keeps his first serve up around 212 on average, he can volley also could be a huge danger at Wimbledon.Watch out for him if you get a chance to see him.Well finished the day with the Murray Match and who should be calling the baseline of that match Tony Glentworth he was overuled once and made a mess of another not a good night for the New Zealander. Off to see Roddick today and no doubt a lot more .Above are some the action and people I met up with on Day 4.

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