Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day Dream Believer - Tennis This side of the World

As I get ready to leave for Auckland to Coach the Southern 14s Girls team at the National event , I have to wonder if New Zealand can produce a world class player that is top 100 with the tennis climate it has.Most of the home grown talent or should I say players that have been born here or have parents from NZ that have have moderate success have all left to further their tennis.Like the ostrich above parents and administrators have their head buried in the sand unable to comprehend what it takes to succeed .

Let me get back on our ranking system Top Dog it has proved that it may be a great social ranking system.But Does is deliver the real deal! NO
Recent research has shown has concluded that a version of a points-based ranking system best addresses the specific objectives identified above and the overall goal of helping players reach their potential. By using tiered levels of importance we can weigh our events, assign regulations that help our juniors to compete often, and put the emphasis on advancing through the draw. The simple concept of having a player capable of categorizing an event, determining its level, and understanding the ranking impact of success in that event allows the player to understand what needs to be done. This is an invaluable asset in developing tangible and measurable goals that also help the player’s preparation and motivation.Top Dog misses this concept.

Its about time Tennis New Zealand on the High performance side of things get real.Five New Zealand women ...3 touted as our top Juniors( played qualifying) in the country as well as Sasha Jones and Marina Erakovic (Main Draw did not win a match). One of the juniors given a wild card could not even front up for residential's a closed tournament for New Zealander's with the winner given a Wild Card.What tennis New Zealand did was dish out two more one being to a player that did not front for the tournament.Come on Tennis New Zealand you want a top tennis player stop handing out Christmas presents.

Across the "Ditch" its no better with recent headlines touting a Hewitt comeback.You read it here first Hewitt will be out before the 4th round of the Aussie open.Sadly the best days of Lleyton Hewitt are behind him and i mean about 7 years behind him.Aussie's Jelena Dokic and Alicia Molik are has been's stop wasting resources on them , the game has past them by.Bernard Tomic the 18 year old touted as the next big thing in Aussie is finding transition to seniors to hard with no real weapon that stands out.In fact while on the Men's side look out for the poorest Australian Open showing ever by The Aussie guys.

Tennis New Zealand I hope you noticed the recent Challenger Tournaments where the Top Ranking men lost out to the Aussie Youngsters.Don't throw money to dead wood.I hope what I am writing does prove me wrong especially Aussie Tennis as i still would cheer them on.Alas we have become soft we are not as tough as the Europeans and the Russians, we all live a good life here and at times too good to make the sacrifices needed to be top in the world.

And finally Facebook gets a mention , yes this is pointed to all you juniors out their that are constantly posting to this social network , get off and spend some more time on the court or setting achievable goals instead of worrying if your friends are tagging you in pictures.

The eye will have plenty to report from the Aussie Open as he is attending the first week.Check out these.

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