Sunday, January 30, 2011

Men's Final Novak Djokovic Vs Andy Murray

What an interesting Match up each with their own personal incentives to win the title. Murray at this stage has the title of best player on tour not to have a slam title....that could change after today and Djokovic the one slam wonder can get rid of this perception today also.Head to Head it is 4:3 to Novak but they have not played each other for over a year!Djokovic experimented with service style change which lead to him serving more double faults than aces but has since gone back to a more fluent style.Murray statistically has a lower percentage of first serves in play.Both move well so equal there , Djoker has more sting on the ground strokes especially the forehand side but Murray defends better and mixes the pace more than Novak does.Mentally Murray has the edge, if its hot as predicted for today's match who knows how the Djoker will react we all know he does not handle heat that well , it could be a deciding factor as you can rest assure Andy will make Djoker play lots of balls and move him around as much as possible.I think it will come down to the serve , If Murray serves well he will win if not Djoker will be able to dominate.

I have to say I have once again been disappointed with Murray's On Court demeanor , I have to say the umpires have been too lenient with Murray.Last match it was obvious that at one stage Murray told the audience "to shut the xxxx up".What role model are you Andy? What signals do you send to juniors watching , the constant whining and winging and berating your box needs to stop. The umpire for tonight needs to have a little more control and shut Andy up or get down off the chair and wash his mouth out with soap and water. Obviously something his mother should of done long ago.And yes Judy you need a little serve also as a respected coach why encourage it with leaps off your feet urging your son to come on! Ok understandable for a Mother but one can see where Andy gets this obnoxious behavior from.As a coach and a mother lead from example.

A word of advice ....Sit down there are people behind you. And oh speaking of people behind you on the right hand picture is that not Caroline Wozniacki in the Murray Box! No girlfriend "down under" one could read a little bit more into this but the "eye" is not up for gossip :)

I respect and acknowledge the hard work and family sacrifices that has placed Murray in this position but really Andy its time to clean up your act.The Djokervic's are also at times on the edge.Watching Mr Djoker( father) in the box while his son is playing you get the impression that Novak is expected to win every point, after all these matches you would think that by now one would know this is not possible.

So all in all a great match up lets hope this is a drop in the ocean because Nadal and Federer will be back and this is definitely not a changing of the guard.

The womens final was a fitting end to two crowd favorites the better player won on the night and Kim Clijster's now joins history with her name etched on the Trophy. Congratulations! 



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