Saturday, January 15, 2011

Aussie Open here I come - the eye hits Melbourne for First Week

Tomorrow I leave for Melbourne where I will be attending the first five days of the Australian Open Tennis.I am leading a local group of juniors Geraldine Prisk,Rhidian Scott,Angus Rollinson, Hugh Rollinson ,Duncan Rollinson and Josh Reddecliffe who will see the worlds top players live.I like the first week as all the leading players assemble which we know will start a week of drama with its highs and lows for all competitors.My picks in the Men's is Rafael Nadal and I am going to make a bold predication with Venus Williams for the women's title.

I will try and post a daily write up with pics and special insights so watch out for these.So today will be spent packing and last minute preparations one does before a trip.

Lots of things happening around the world , locally there was a little uproar over the appointment of Marcel Vos as national full time coach.Top New Zealand men players stated they had their own coach and found they had issues with Vos. I have to agree with the players what on earth is Tennis New Zealand thinking apart from Davis Cup with this full time appointment.Another waste of money no doubt, fair enough for Davis Cup Time but really a waste when players have their own coaches.Allocated funding should incorporate some funding for players personal coaches. I mean this is what happens even in the juniors suddenly a coach has his players winning national titles and then TNZ want to take these juniors and appoint another coach to guide them...sum it up and its destined for failure...Now i have coached a few National Champions and not once have I had a phone call from TNZ saying well done or what are you doing .do you need any assistance.No wonder we cant produce players because there's too many appointee's at National level that don't have a track record of producing players .TNZ continually overlook the experienced guys out their getting results.You can read the coaching uproar here LINK

I have been watching the Aussie open qualifying event on the net and getting sick of the "dribble" that the commentators constantly spew from their mouths talking up the Australian Players. One comment was this" I really think the Aussie men are on the verge of something big with all our talented Juniors"Out of the 12 that contested the qualifying 10 were decimated in the first round with only Millman and Jones progressing of which Jones is the last Aussie Standing and will go out today I am certain.Not a Rosy picture in our own backyard!.Rain has hampered this event and hopefully more matches will be completed today..7 Aussie women started in their draw of which at the time of writing two are still alive, Letcher and Holland.

Believe me it will get worse in the Maindraw , especially for the men.The Ladies do have a few hopes with Stosur and Groth.Nalbandian and Hewitt will be a great first round match up.

Meanwhile the National events are being played locally with the 12s and 16s being staged at the moment.No real surprises except that the 12s National Teams event matches are being played to 4 , come on Tennis New Zealand Parents and players spend a lot of money to participate in events such as this and you guy's want first to 4 matches .The eye has been talking to a few people and they are less than happy with the running of the 12s event in Hamilton.You may as well get value for money and come on my trip next year to the Aussie Open than fork out to play first to 4 matches. Ace Ventura has sent me some pics from Hamilton of South Canterbury Player Anna Cochrane in action.

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