Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 7 and 8 at the Australian Open Tennis with the "eye"

The above is just a short clip of Nadal Serving I managed to take and put up on you tube, watch closely as he serves and the amount of sweat falls from his body.Nadal along with Roddick perspire a lot ,they must maintain there fluid intake.Below is a montage of pictures from last week.
Was reading a report fro the New Zealand Herald titled "Where the bloody hell are you mate" Touching on the low participation fro the Aussies compared to days gone by.Its with interest when Pat Rafter told his thoughts on what to do to get ore talent in the Main Draws ""If I had to structure a kids tennis programme now I would go back to good old-fashioned hard training and tough love," Rafter told the Herald on Sunday. "I honestly believe the kids are softer and it has to do partially with our quality of life in Australia and New Zealand."I think rafter is on it and yes this side of the world we are softer and that has a lot to do with this day and age where the children dictate to parents way too much .I mean just log onto face book and you can see what rubbish most teenagers are doing in the spare time and that includes partying and alcohol at a way too early age.Lack of Parental control is a problem and most turn a blind eye because they don t want to front their children its easier just to roll along.This is the age where the child is the dictator,and I am sure Rafter is right and to get to the top good old fashioned hard training and tough love is needed.So many Parents are off Dancing with the stars instead of realizing that to make it requires commitment and sacrifice from their social life as well. All Top tennis players have had a tough parent to drive them to success.Read the article HERE

Talking of dancing with the Stars Novak Djokovic did a publicity shoot with a TV dancing with the stars celebrity.I have my doubts if this years Men's Australian Open winner would undertake such as task during the tournament.I may be wrong here are some of the pics below.
Andy Murray had an early wake up call from Rafael Nadal in his early junior days making his decision to go to Spain and Train.To find out what it was that made a life changing decision READ ARTICLE HERE

Finally the women's draw came alive with a classic , Kuznetsova and Schiavone upped the level of tennis.The Italian mosquito would not go away and won a hard earned victory.Stan The Man Wawrinka bludgeoned Andy Roddick out in straight sets and I will be interested if he can do this to countryman Rodger Federer in the next round.Maria Sharapova exited yesterday to the Dancing German and that will save a lot of time.... watching Sharapova start and produce here service action is like dying a slow death each time she steps up to the baseline.Today Cilic will test Nadal this will be harder than the Tomic match Rafa so bring your A game. Can Missile Milos from Canada shell shock the more experienced Ferrer back to Spain with his serve.Day 8 looks to have another great tennis experience for Fans.

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